What’s for Dinner? Mini Masala Meatballs, Veggie Pizza (sorta), and cheese and Onion Pasties

Summer is almost over and for Bringing Back Dinner and many of you this means a return to routine. It has been fun, but I kind of like the predictability of September – May.  Starting in September we will get back to regular blog posts and start planning those hearty, warm meals of fall.  I’d love to hear from some of you, what is your favorite fall dish?  What is that dish that signifies the start of cool weather?  Send me the recipe and a link to share and I will be glad to review it.  Post to the comments section below.

This week’s pictures are taken using Oggl an app available for Iphone and Windows phones with customizable filters.


Mini Masala Meatballs – Trader Joe’s

masala meatballs

Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  This recipes would be great football food!  It is sort of a sweet and sour meets Indian.  You can buy frozen meatballs for this, but I made my own.  I used ground beef and added curry, zaatar seasoning, an egg and some breadcrumbs.  rolled into small meatballs and baked at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  For the rest of the recipe click the title link.

My family liked this and I served it with rice.  It is nice to try different flavors sometimes and it doesn’t have to be hard.


Veggie Pizza (sorta) – Meatless Monday (almost)

veg pizza 2

Time: 45 Minutes

Ease: Simple to Moderate based on whether or not you make your own crust.  I don’t.

Review: This was my Meatless Monday dish.  I use the raw pizza dough already prepared from my grocery.  Lowes and Harris Teeter sell them in the bakery section.

Spread and even layer of prepared spaghetti sauce over the crust, top with chopped broccoli, slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella cut into slices, and caramelized onions; use at least 1 whole onion.  Then top with cheese.  To caramelize the onion follow the link here.  It really adds extra flavor.

I was doing great until this point, and then well there was this bacon ya see.  I mean…it’s bacon!  Soooo, I crumbled bacon all over the top of the pizza. To be honest, I blew Meatless Monday.  However,  It was a perfectly yummy veggi pizza before I defiled (blessed) it with bacon.  While I feel certain it will make a wonderful Meatless Monday dish for you, I felt  I must come clean and tell you about the bacon.  Feel free to transgress.


Cheese and Onion Pasties – Lavender and Lovage

pasties 2

Time: 55 Minutes

Ease: Moderate

Review: I love pasties and I’m always trying to find a yummy recipe that tastes like the pasties at the pasty stand in Windsor UK.  This is good, but not quite it.  We enjoyed these and I will probably make them again, but in the end we felt they could have had a little more flavor to them.  That said it was a very nice comfort food flavor, I mean really it is hard to go terribly wrong with potato, cheese and onion.  Do not be dissuaded and give it a try.


I hope you have had a great summer and thank you for your patience with the summertime inconsistencies of Bringing Back Dinner.  I hope to be back to normal by September as we stop traveling and settle into a glorious fall!


One thought on “What’s for Dinner? Mini Masala Meatballs, Veggie Pizza (sorta), and cheese and Onion Pasties

  1. We too are looking forward to getting back to our fall menu. The words “comfort food” and fall/winter foods go hand in hand in our household. When the air gets that crisp coolness to it is usually my signal to fix a pot of Red Beans cooked with a ham hock…ahh I can almost smell it now. (PS: Red Beans to us equals Pinto beans to the normal world.) The next favorite winter fare is a pot of soup or stew. Do you have a stew recipe? My mother made something that was thicker than soup, but thinner than stew. I wish I had the recipe, but sadly, it’s lost. I know it had beef chunks, potatoes, celery, carrots and ???? Maybe you can help me with another soup problem I have. It’s just the two of us but I still cook for the crowd and when I make soup (ie: Cream of potato, mushroom, or broccoli/cheddar) I have enough to feed Cox’s Army. Since cream base soups don’t freeze well, much of it goes to waste. Any ideas for how this old county cook and make these soups for two? Or is there a trick to freezing cream soups? I look forward to your fall/winter blog and gleaning some new ideas. I’m willing to try new dishes, but sometimes I have a hard time getting hubby to try something new. I have to disguise it as “meat and potatoes”. 🙂 You do a great job with this blog and I always look forward to reading it.

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