Review: Chickpea Shakshuka – The Minimalist Baker

Chickpea Shakshuka – The Minimalist Baker 


Shakshuka or Shakshouka is a Middle Eastern dish typical cooked with pouched eggs.  The word simply means “mixture” and is typically cooked with tomatoes, spices like cumin and coriander, chilies, and onions, but ingredients vary from country to country.  It is often served for breakfast, but is popular any time of the day and especially in winter.



Cooked, dried chickpeas – Try cooking your own beans in place of canned beans.  It is cheaper and greatly reduces your sodium intake.  If you are riding the Instant Pot wave or you use a pressure cooker you can make these without soaking! WHAT, yes… NO SOAKING!!! Soaking is the part I always forget and used to keep me from using dried beans.  Don’t fear the Instant Pot or pressure cooker, it will quickly become your friend.

The first time you cook your beans without soaking you may feel like your can actually feel your momma staring you down, but it will be OK.  Don’t believe me? Ask the L.A. Times in this great article “Don’t soak your dried beans!  Now even the cook kids agree” by
Russ Parsons The California Cook!

Homemade yogurt


I made my Shakshuka a liiitttlle hot and had to top it with yogurt because, well…basically I’m a wimp when it comes to hot foods!  If you too need to cool it down try making your own yogurt. It is very easy and only takes a little “active” time.  I follow Martha Stewarts guide.  You can make yogurt with some yogurt and milk or with yogurt starter and milk.  Personally I find a little individual size yogurt pot works well as a starter and my yogurt is more consistent, the only down side is the yogurt bacteria won’t hold up to use my homemade yogurt as the starter for a second batch.

A friend of mine laughed at my yogurt maker and thermometer and said “All you need is an oven and your finger.  When the milk boils pull it off, when you can put your finger in it for a few seconds comfortably add your yogurt- done!!”.  She is right, as you get more comfortable with making yogurt you will find your own way and be able to do it without thinking about it.

The Review: 


Time: 30 minutes

Ease: Easy!  Even if you cook your own beans and make your own yogurt, this is an easy dish to make.

Review:  I can’t take credit for finding this amazing vegan dish, my daughter found it and is a major fan of Dana and John of The Minimalist Baker.  Thanks for this recipe!!

My husband and are neither vegans nor vegetarians, but I guess we are reducetarians, we are eating much less meat and far more whole food, plant based foods.  No matter what your food choices, this is a nice dish to add to your home cookbook and would make a great “Meatless Monday”.   It is protein packed and a good source of fiber with iron, B-6, magnesium, potassium, A and C thrown in!

This is easily a dish you can throw together after work or make ahead and take for lunch and you can customize the spices to your own taste.  I used tomatoes with jalapeños in mine which is great for my husband, but was a bit too hot for me, hence the yogurt.  Even too hot, I really enjoyed the flavors of this dish.  This will be a repeat dish!  Nice job Dana and John!


  • Try making your own beans and yogurt, as mentioned above
  • Browning tomato paste – I like to brown my tomato paste before adding my wet ingredients, I find it adds a nice rich flavor and only takes a few minutes longer. Learn more at Today.
  • Try adding the eggs: Once your dish is complete carefully crack eggs into your oven safe pan on top of your tomatoes and chickpeas, season with a little salt and pepper and pop into the oven for about 7 minutes or until the eggs are just set, don’t overcook.

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Review: Portobello Mushroom Tacos with Salsa Verde – Forks Over Knives




Portobello Mushroom tacos with Salsa Verde – Forks over Knives

My husband and I are on the journey of eating a more whole food, plant based diet and I have to say we are enjoying it!  There were doubts in the beginning, but we made gradual changes, which I highly recommend.  Most people are not ready to jump in all at once into a big change, but gradual changes can often help us stay the course. Try starting with Meatless Mondays!

I am finding that it is easier to eat healthy foods than to find healthy foods.  The stores are filled with items with suspect ingredients, restaurants have sparse healthy choices at best and it can even be hard to find recipes that are easy and “normal”.  Many of the recipes I have found are pretty exotic, but with a shift in our culture towards eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes I expect the options to improve.  Today’s recipe review is a winner and even my meat loving man really enjoyed it!

Respecting Copyright laws, I don’t publish full exact recipes unless I can find an online link or have permission from the source, so I have provided the pieces of information for you to pull the recipe together.

  • Grilled Portobello mushrooms
  • Corn tortillas
  • Salsa Verde – The recipe can be fond in the Forks Over Knives Cookbook.  I have provided a link to a similar salsa below.
  • Top with lettuce, red onion or anything you see fit to use.  We also used radishes and mix of shredded cabbage with red onion, cilantro and lime juice. It provided a nice zing and texture.

Tomatillo Salsa – Food and Wine.  This recipe is similar to the one by Forks Over Knives.  Try adding lime zest and using green onions in place of onion.  Have fun with this recipes and play with the ingredients.

Time: 1 Hour marinade/ 10-15 minutes

Ease: Easy-moderate – This is really an easy recipe, but if you are unfamiliar with portobello mushrooms or tomatillos it could feel challenging.  Just relax, follow the directions, and enjoy.

Review:  As much as we are trying to reduce our meat consumption, my men folk aren’t quite on board for extreme reductions.  This week my husband and son were going to be away from home and I planned this awesome dish for myself, but then the hubs came home.  I gently informed him that I wasn’t changing the plan and he would like it.  He loved it!  The mushrooms made this feel like a more hearty dish and once we added all the other yummy stuff – don’t forget the salsa!!, the tacos felt like we had stepped into a restaurant for dinner.  Did I mention the salsa?  It is a must, it really rounds out the dish.  The recipe calls for the salsa, lettuce and red onion to top the tacos, but we found adding the cabbage and radishes gave this dish more texture and flavor.  I highly recommend this dish, it is delicious, easy, healthy, and WHPB (whole food, plant based). Be adventurous and let your meat eaters try it.

Tips: It is important to have good tools in your kitchen and two handy tools are a zester and good juicer.  My juicer (known as a fruiter in our home) was my grandmothers and the difference is significant.  Older tools like graters and juicers used thicker metal and real metal.  I find my older tools at estate sales.

Forks Over Knives offers a cooking class that I would love to take and you may want to consider.  I’d like to take it to be able to help others be more confident using grains, legumes, veggies, etc. and empower people to make health their habit, even in the kitchen.  (I am not being paid or endorsed by Forks Over Knives, I just liked the recipe)


Lisa received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

The information in this blog is educational and not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate symptoms.

I offer individual coaching sessions and virtual health coach sessions through Zoom, if you are not local, as well as group sessions, workshops, and special events. I would love to help you on your journey towards health and wellness. Contact me for more information.

All photos are by me, Lisa Wright Burbach –  Feel free to share, but please give credit to the source.  Thank you.

What’s for Dinner? Using the Produce Box

My family recently joined The Produce Box , a NC company who deliver boxes of fresh produce directly to your door.  My plan was to help our family to eat more fruits and vegetables.  It has worked!  Each week we receive a box of local, fresh produce and I add it into our weekly meals.  It means a little creativity, but well worth it.

What ways do you make an effort to add in more healthy food?  I’d love to hear form you!  Just leave a comment in the comment box.

Meatless Monday: Corn Chowder – Tyler Florence

corn chowder

Time: 55 Minutes

Ease: Intermediate

Review:  This is a nice hearty soup, the kind that makes you feel like curling up with a blanket.  Thanks to our Produce Box we had plenty of fresh corn.  It has potatoes as well and is a nice soup to add to your winter menus.  I recommend it!  I think you will find it easy to make as well.

Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole

enchilada casserole

Time: 45 Minutes

Ease: Simple


3 Cooked chicken breasts

2 cans enchilada sauce (look for low sodium)

1/4 cup green peppers (Produce Box item)

1/2 cup onions


flour tortillas

Cook the chicken breasts in 1/2 of a can of enchilada sauce either in the oven or microwave.  Once done chop chicken into fine pieces.  I use the Salad Choppers from Pampered Chef and just chop away at my chicken.  (One of my favorite tools.)  Saute onion and green peppers until the onions are translucent and add to the chopped chicken.  Using a slotted spoon fill a large tortilla with chicken mixture and top with cheese and then roll up and place in a large casserole dish.  You don’t need to bother tucking the ends in.  I was able to use 5 large flour tortillas and serve 4 people.  Once assembled pour the rest of the enchilada sauce over the tortillas making sure to cover the ends, this will help it not burn.  Top with cheese and bake 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and starting to darken.

This is an easy meal and filling.


This week in our Produce Box we had broccoli, apples, corn, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, bell peppers and green beans in our Produce Box.  With this box we had:

  • Broccoli bacon Quiche.  I like to use Jamie Oliver’s quiche as a base and just change the ingredients to suite me.
  • Roasted Sweet potatoes with sea salt and rosemary
  • I used the bell peppers in several dishes and froze some
  • Corn Chowder, see above
  • We have used apples in oatmeal, with peanut butter and tomorrow we are having fried apples and pork chops! mmmm and we will have the green beans.
  • This just leaves the Acorn squash which we will have this weekend.

It just takes a little thought, but is getting easier to use all of our produce.  Look for a program in your area, we have found it to be economical and we are definitely eating more fruits and veggies!  You can’t beat that. Enjoy!



What’s for Dinner? Mini Masala Meatballs, Veggie Pizza (sorta), and cheese and Onion Pasties

Summer is almost over and for Bringing Back Dinner and many of you this means a return to routine. It has been fun, but I kind of like the predictability of September – May.  Starting in September we will get back to regular blog posts and start planning those hearty, warm meals of fall.  I’d love to hear from some of you, what is your favorite fall dish?  What is that dish that signifies the start of cool weather?  Send me the recipe and a link to share and I will be glad to review it.  Post to the comments section below.

This week’s pictures are taken using Oggl an app available for Iphone and Windows phones with customizable filters.


Mini Masala Meatballs – Trader Joe’s

masala meatballs

Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  This recipes would be great football food!  It is sort of a sweet and sour meets Indian.  You can buy frozen meatballs for this, but I made my own.  I used ground beef and added curry, zaatar seasoning, an egg and some breadcrumbs.  rolled into small meatballs and baked at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  For the rest of the recipe click the title link.

My family liked this and I served it with rice.  It is nice to try different flavors sometimes and it doesn’t have to be hard.


Veggie Pizza (sorta) – Meatless Monday (almost)

veg pizza 2

Time: 45 Minutes

Ease: Simple to Moderate based on whether or not you make your own crust.  I don’t.

Review: This was my Meatless Monday dish.  I use the raw pizza dough already prepared from my grocery.  Lowes and Harris Teeter sell them in the bakery section.

Spread and even layer of prepared spaghetti sauce over the crust, top with chopped broccoli, slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella cut into slices, and caramelized onions; use at least 1 whole onion.  Then top with cheese.  To caramelize the onion follow the link here.  It really adds extra flavor.

I was doing great until this point, and then well there was this bacon ya see.  I mean…it’s bacon!  Soooo, I crumbled bacon all over the top of the pizza. To be honest, I blew Meatless Monday.  However,  It was a perfectly yummy veggi pizza before I defiled (blessed) it with bacon.  While I feel certain it will make a wonderful Meatless Monday dish for you, I felt  I must come clean and tell you about the bacon.  Feel free to transgress.


Cheese and Onion Pasties – Lavender and Lovage

pasties 2

Time: 55 Minutes

Ease: Moderate

Review: I love pasties and I’m always trying to find a yummy recipe that tastes like the pasties at the pasty stand in Windsor UK.  This is good, but not quite it.  We enjoyed these and I will probably make them again, but in the end we felt they could have had a little more flavor to them.  That said it was a very nice comfort food flavor, I mean really it is hard to go terribly wrong with potato, cheese and onion.  Do not be dissuaded and give it a try.


I hope you have had a great summer and thank you for your patience with the summertime inconsistencies of Bringing Back Dinner.  I hope to be back to normal by September as we stop traveling and settle into a glorious fall!


What’s for Dinner? Trader Joe’s Purple Yellow Miso Summer Curry, Baby Bam Burgers, and Tilapia with Za’atar

Trader Joe’s was such a hit last week that I decided to make this Week’s Meatless Monday Dish from one of their recipes. I hope you like it.

Summer has been a kind of crazy time for us full of travels, friends, and fun!  I can’t believe it is almost over and then life will settle back into a lovely routine.  Maybe.  Summertime is the perfect time for easy meals, because if you’re like me you just want to get back outside!  So start up the grill and let’s bring dinner outside!

Meatless Monday: Trader Joe’s Purple Yellow Miso Summer Curry

Purple Yellow Summer Curry Trader Joe's

Time:  35 Minutes

Ease: Simple to Moderate

Review:  While this is called curry, it is not curry in the sense we are used to having.  It is not flavored with curry spice, but with smoked paprika.  I rated this dish simple to moderate simply because it has ingredients that can be a little unfamiliar as well as flavors that are a little outside the norm.  That said, I really enjoyed this dish even though I was prepared not to.  Not everyone in the house liked it, but over all it worked.  Vegetarians will like this, but meat lovers may have a little more trouble.

Baby Bam Burgers – Emeril


Time: about an hour

Ease: Simple – even a kid could do it, but let dad or mom do or supervise the grill

Review: Yuuumm.  My son first made this when he was about 9 years old.  At the time he was a huge fan of Emeril and ran around the house saying “BAM” to everything.  The recipe sounds interesting, but give it a chance, it is really good.  You can make these big, but the recommendation is to make them small and use slider buns or rolls.  We added caramelized onions and BBQ Sauce just for fun!


Tilapia with Za’atar Spice

Za’atar spice is a combination of spice from the middle east often with sesame seeds, and dried sumac.  I especially love this spice on hummus and experimented with it on fish. mmmm.

zaatar fish and rice


Time: 15 Minutes for the fish, longer if making rice

Ease: Simple

Review:  I used frozen Tilapia fillets and allowed them to slowly thaw.  About 20 minitues before cooking I rubbed olive oil and salt on the fillets and then rubbed in the Za’atar spice.  If your Za’atar has salt you may want to skip the added salt.  Preheat oven to 350 and then cook the fish 8-10 minutes or until flaky.    That’s it!  Serve with a salad to make it extra easy or play around with exotic sides.  Remember that just because it is summertime it doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun when cooking.  Play with your food!

What’s for Dinner? Trader Joe’s Spinach Pie and Carne Asada Salad

This week I decided to make my meals from the recipes found on the Trader Joe’s website.  It was easy and yummy you just get the recipe and walk down the aisles and pick up the stuff.  I’m sold!  I hope you enjoy these meals and don’t forget!  Try to have at least one meal with everyone gathered together.  Try eating outside or on a blanket in the living room.  Just do something together with friends or family and enjoy!

Meatless Monday: Spinach Pie

Trader joe's Spinach Pie Slice

Time: 1 Hour plus prep time

Ease: Simple

Review: This dish was great.  I made it when our son and his wife came over and he turned to his wife and said “hey, babe, make this”  I’d call that success.  It makes a great company dish with little work too.  My daughter-in-law thinks she may try it with squash, yummm.


Carne Asada Salad

Trader Joe's Carne Asada 2


Time: 20-30 Minutes

Ease: well, it kind of isn’t fair to say.  The meat comes in it’s sauce, so easy!

Review: This dish can’t get any easier and is so good.  It costs a little more because the meat comes in a package marinated in the sauce.  Cut it open and grill then put on the salad.  We all really enjoyed this and the Cilantro Dressing makes the dish.


Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s Dish?  If so share with Bringing Back Dinner.  Post a pic to Instagram, twitter, or face book and use #bringingbackdinner



What’s for Dinner? Pampered Chef Lemon Pasta Chicken Toss & Black Bean Pumpkin Chili by Kitchen Treaty

Summertime is full of vacations, staycations, running around and general busyness and can feel like we lose touch with each other, but with all of the parties, BBQs, picnics, pool parties etc.  It provides us with so many different ways to connect. So while summer is different from the rest of the year I encourage you to take advantage of the chance to connect, reconnect and just hang out with one another and build relationships as well as memories, so while this is a busy time remember you are still “Bringing Back Dinner”; food is the tool that gathers us.  Have fun and laugh a lot!

Pampered Chef – Lemon Pasta Chicken Toss

pampered chef chicken pasta

Time: 30 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  I really do like Pampered Chef recipes, they are easy and always look like you worked much harder than y ou did.  This recipe is no different.  It was a quick and easy but still tasty meal.  We made an exchange though; spinach for broccoli.  You could use either vegetable or add something new.  This dish would be easy to play around with.


MEATLESS MONDAY – Kitchen Treaty – Slow Cooker Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili

black bean and pumpkin chili

Time: 6-8 hours on low

Ease: Simple

Review:  This dish sounds weird, I’ll just say it, but it is really very good!  My family loved it and one of them even tweeted about it  “Let’s just make a deal to put pumpkin in everything. It makes food ten times better.”  You can’t get a much better review!  We were divided on one aspect of this dish – heat.  That is why they make Sriracha sauce.  Just serve hot sauce on the side for those who want a little heat.  Otherwise a perfect meal.

We often think of the slow cooker as a winter cooking device, but it is a great for the summer.  It doesn’t heat up the kitchen and frees you up to run around town all day and not worry about dinner.  Pull out your crockpot and have a great day at the pool!  Dinner will be waiting for you.


Share your favorite Summertime meal with us by posting to our facebook page or twitter or instagram using #bringingbackdinner.  We will post your comments here!

What’s for Dinner? Pampered Chef’s BLT Ranch Salad Pizza & Vegetarian Lasagna

I have had several people talk to me about ways that their family connect and I want to take the time to say that my suggestions are just that, suggestions.  Please do not feel judged by me or unable to reach the bar etc.  The important thing is that you bring dinner back or breakfast into your lives and by this I mean take time around your meals to set aside the business of life and re-connect, get to know each other and share life.  However you do this I am rooting for you!  Relationships are an important part of life and making safe places is invaluable.  I’d love to hear from some of you about how you create such a place in your home.  Share through the comments section, on facebook or twitter and use #bringingbackdinner

This week we had several dishes with leftovers that were less exciting, but I think you will enjoy the two meals below.

Meatless Monday:

Asparagus-Mushroom Mini Lasagnas – Eating well Magazine

Asparagus Mushroom mini lasagna

I’ve made this dish before, but had a friend who was interested in it, so here you go!

Time:  1 Hour 25 Minutes

Ease: Moderate to Simple

Review: this is really a great dish.  It is a nice dish for your family and would make a great dish for company.  You could try using different ingredients and use the same method to have a little fun with this!

BLT Ranch Salad Pizza – Pampered Chef

blt ranch pizzae

Time: About 30 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  Pampered Chef recipes are simple, tasty and always look like you worked harder than you did.  They are not the healthiest, but good.  My family like this, over all.  My husband loved it and the kids thought it needed a little less cream cheese.  I have to agree.  I think the amount of cream cheese depends on what you like, so just adjust for your family.  When I make this again I will probably put half the amount of cream cheese on half of the pizza and the normal amount on the rest.  Keep everybody happy!

Leftovers Redone

This week we also turned leftover steak into fajitas.  I know, it sounds like a crime.  Otherwise there was not enough to share.  I also freeze any leftover spaghetti sauce and pulled some out for dinner this week.  Try making your leftovers into something else, but shhhhh don’t tell them, they will never know it.

Have a great week and I’ll see you in 2 weeks when I return from vacation.

What’s for Dinner? Black Bean and Corn Mexican salad & Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Meatless Monday – Mexican Salad with Black Beans and Corn née Grilled Mexican Steak Salad.

cook this mexican saladThis recipe is originally written to include grilled steak, which would be great, however we are trying to be diligent with our Meatless Monday quest and omitted the meat and added grilled corn.  The result was great and we would do this salad again!

Time: 20 minutes

Ease: Simple

Review:  The recipe is a nice one with great flavor and I feel it works well with or without the meat.  Follow the directions for this recipe omitting the directions for the meat.   Instead of steak try grilling corn or pan roasting the corn until it brown slightly and the cool. The dressing is wonderful and I can think of a lot of uses for it outside of this salad. Over all, this is a nice salad and a great new dressing recipe that I think you will enjoy.

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Wait, wait  read on!!!  It isn’t what you think, they are just made in muffin tins!  Shew, you thought you’d have buttercream with hot wing sauce didn’t you.  Well, you could try it, but this isn’t it. buffalo chicken cupcakes Time: 40 Minutes

Ease: Average

Review:  Win!  This would be great football game food!  It was a great meal and could be served with celery and carrots or macaroni and cheese.  The way it is prepared tones down the heat for those afraid of wing sauce, in case you were worried and we really loved this. It was good cold the next day.  I know, I know but really any chicken is good cold for breakfast, that is if you don’t have cold pizza.  OK.  so much for healthy.  We did eat well the rest of the week.  It was our indulgence.

What is your indulgence, guilty food pleasure?  Send it to Facebook or Twitter using #bringingbackdinner or add it to our comment section.  Maybe we will review it!


What’s for Dinner? Sauteed Flounder with Orange Shallot Sauce & Meatless Monday: Bruschetta



Meatless Monday: Bruschetta and Salad

bruschettaThis is my favorite time of year as far as food goes!  There are so many wonderful things to be eaten fresh from the garden!  One of my favorites is tomatoes.  There is just nothing like a real, fresh, from the garden tomato.  It is a sad day the day I have to buy the first tomato from the grocery.  It is round and red, but that is about it.  This week we decided to take advantage of some fresh tomatoes and made bruschetta and topped it with Manchego cheese.  Served with fresh lettuce from my friends garden.  Wonderful!

Time: 30 minutes

Ease: simple

Review: This recipe from the Pioneer Woman is very simple and flavorful.  It is a great recipe if you are new to making your own bruschetta.  Very simply, brushcetta is a combination of tomatoes, garlic bread, olive oil, salt and pepper.  This recipe has a lovely addition of balsamic vinegar.  Try experimenting with infused balsamic vinegars, such as pineapple balsamic vinegar.  I think you will find this can be a great “go to” recipe.

The Manchego was our addition, you could try experimenting with different cheeses or eat it just for the joy of the tomato!


Sauteed Flounder with Orange Shallot Sauce

Orange Floundar

Flounder is a nice fish with a distinct flavor, but not overly “fishy” flavor making it a nice fish to cook with and don’t think that flounder only comes fried!  Try baking it, stuffing it, broiling etc.  It is a good addition to your menus.

Time: 30 Minutes

Ease: Simple

Note:  though simple, at the bottom of the recipe it says they “highly recommend a non-stick pan”  They mean it!

Review: Eating Well Magazine is one of my favorite magazines and has been for 20 years!  It went out of publication for a brief period of time and I mourned the loss deeply and horded my old magazines, but they came back and are going strong!  And now you can get recipes online!  This recipe meets my expectations of something from EW.  It was easy to prepare and wonderful flavors. DO USE THE NON-STICK PAN, I didn’t and had some issues, but it still tasted nice and my husband made lovely yummy noises A+!


Share your favorite Summertime meals with Bringing Back Dinner!  Your’s may be the next one reviewed!